Why at Alfa Flying School ?


As one of the pioneers of flight school in Indonesia, We offer educational programs which are efficient and effective. The learning process does not only focus on the study material alone, more over  we educate students to have a significant mental owned by a PILOT, including discipline, consistent, accurate, and swift. We have tailored the most effective and efficient programs for our students. Additionally, syllabus course material integrated into three phases. Preparation of the three-phase aims to enable students to absorb the material effectively, and at the same time to develop a good mental and character as an aviator.


  • Ground School

DSCN0747Submission of the subject matter in the classroom, topped off with final examination by the Ministry of Transportation DKU-PPU. Our Instructor consists of people who teach specific field such as Air Laws, Meteorology, Radio Telephony, Aircraft Instruments etc. The classroom is the place where you learn, discuss and get the experience from the people who has mastered their field.


  • Simulator Training

Computer Base Training using a Redbird FMX FTD. Practises using a Simulation device allows the students to practice all syllabus including system procedures, instruments handling, and aircraft handling. Experience one on one tutorial with the Flight Instructor on your training session. So student can recognize and build their own airmanship.



  • Flight Training

Exercises using the real aircrafts, the students will practice based on flight hours and syllabus which have been prepared according to standard set by The DGCA. Every stage is critical, Our Flight Instructors will guide you from the beginning and will keep monitoring and assess your progress before you finally deserve your Check Ride, which will be conducted and supervised by Inspector from the Ministry of Transportation DKU-PPU.




Vibrant campus environment


IMG_20160901_121423AFS has the learning environment that similar to leading campus in general, with exclusive facilities and classrooms are adequate to support the convenience of the students in the learning process. There are classrooms, simulators and student Lounge, all with the best supporting equipment. Students will not be in an environment that feels stiff and boring. During your training you expected to be able to learn with passion, fun and exclusive, and when you succeed beyond the exam and check ride, then friends and instructors will be there to celebrate the success that has been achieved with effort and difficulty. This relationship will exists among fellow students and instructors, and will continue to develop in the future.


Aircraft maintenance


IMG_20160909_091526Safety first, that's the motto for AFS, for us there is no compromise for Safety. Especially regarding to aircraft maintenance, AFS has had the Standard Operation Procedure to keep the Aircrafts in top performance, which are articulated in the form of Task Cards. It refers to the guide / manual mills and direction of the aviation authorities either of the Directorate of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation and authority of state aircraft makers, namely the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The aircraft maintenance tasks entrusted to the technicians and mechanics are loaded with experience and reliable aircraft that were eligible to realize the operation (Airworthiness).



Hundreds of graduate students who are satisfied with their learning outcomes

lulusanThe existence of AFS as pilot education Institution, have a quite challenging for the two sides, to our students we are are responsible to provide the best possible educational support and can be absorbed by them so they transformed into a top quality Pilots. To the airline companies and other aviation industries, we must ensure that they are confidence when recruiting graduates PILOT from AFS that every student has been educated, trained and ready to be promoted to First Officer in their company. The AFS alumnus recorded more than 300 graduates who have been hired by various top airlines in Indonesia.



  1. Class Room
  2. Simulator
  3. Training Equipment and uniforms
  4. Lounge, meeting room,wifi, briefing room
  5. Building, Office and lobby
  6. Dormitory, Flops
  7. Aircraft, FI, apron shuttle bus